The sleek slider can be bought for about USD, free of contract. Reception is very good and sound is pretty loud. This is pretty much the same problem that almost all LG handsets are suffering from. Now, the Secret brings some muscle to tip the form vs. This is definitely one of the best good looking sliders on the market, but also one of the best feature packed phones coming from LG. Unfortunately, you will not be able to create other settings for the Equalizer and choices are limited to 10 predefined modes. Data transfer speeds are average, but it is clear that this handset has not been made for browsing because of the small screen and low data speed connectivity.

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Great features and a really, really small bezel. Overall, LG Secret’s camera exceeds all expectations and rivals with latest 5 Megapixel dedicated camera phones like Sony Ericsson’s Cyber-shot series. For Kf750 For Business. Comments 53 User reviews KF Secret. Just kf750 a look at the type of phones we offer and find the kf750 that best matches your needs.

Sound is kf750 loud and clear, thanks to the Voice Clarity technology embedded, so this is another kf750 point scored for Kf750 KF Kf750 all comments Post your comment. Perhaps the problem of powering a much better processor scared the Korean company, which is not reckoned for its batteries.

There’s also another set of two contextual keys that aren’t highlighted in any way, so you will just have kf750 believe me. Early version of the new Kf750 available right now for testing.

Kf750 attraction of the device, the eye-candy user interface, has been improved and now offers smoother transition effects in menus and more stability.

Overall, the user interface is not far from what Kf750 has already gotten us used to — plus some welcomed eye-candy improvements that should add to its functionality. Just in case you kf750 to have a clean desktop at all times. Available with a wide range kf750 features, our touchscreen cell phones give you the power to do more with just a tap. The left side of the slider features the universal LG port and a small eyelet where you can put in the small screen wiper that comes in the sales kf750 see pictures.

The phone also features mechanical SendEnd and Cancel k750, addressing kf750 complaint that kf750 users kf750 with previous LG kf750. Alarm clock, Calculator, Stopwatch, Unit converter, and World clock. It is kf750 even more compact than the KF The phonebook of the slider looks standard and holds 1, contacts.

It’s fun sometimes, but don’t get excited. The only thing I found weird was the felling that the kf750 hasn’t kff750 finished, kf750 of the limited touchscreen usability. I kept the phone for kf750 5 days kf750 used it for calls around 20 minutes, after which I made 4 pictures and the battery discharged completely.

The usual White balance and Colour tone settings are also available and can be used kf750 necessary.

LG KF750 Secret Review

The small display features accelerometer sensor for kf750 and limited touchscreen functionality. The upper part on the back of the phone is made kf750 a leather-like plastic that kf750 very cool. See all Specs Close. Music player and radio can both be run in the background kf7500 you want to use other applications.

LG KF750 Secret disassembly, screen replacement and repair

The first LG kf750 slider featuring dedicated sound chipset. Thanks to the glossy surface on the front of the slider, it offers more style than most of its kf750 predecessors. What it lacks is the kf750 lapse kf750, plus it’s quite thicker than the LG Secret. The FM radio lacks a RDS function, but features autoscan ability, which automatically memorizes any base stations in range.

Used & New KF by Eastern Acoustic Works | Solaris

From kf750 same Touch interface you’ll able to read any document or. Compliance Information More Compliance Information.

Kf750 slider also comes with a Google package that includes: Simply choose a support option from the icons below: