They should have reasonable return or refund k7. Sign In or Register to comment. Abit kv7 sata just built this system abit kv7 sata in the process of loading XP I have come across the following problem. Also please make sure you have the latest drivers from your peripheral cards makers! Flashed to latest Bios V13, still no luck.

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Update bait Day 3 Ok, i figured out one problem, but the main one still exists.

Fan Abit kv7 sata Connectors 2. Powered with ill-gotten helium. Colin Smith, Sep 4, Hard disk abit kv7 sata priority Set: What happens after my kv starts up, is that it starts all over again.


Please help, abit kv7 sata thanks in advance for your response. If you do not properly set the motherboard settings, causing the motherboard to malfunction or fail, we cannot guarantee any responsibility. The weird thing is that I see the drive listed as a serial ch0 master during the second boot screen but the drive is not recongnized within windows Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Abjt HD full sized is GB. Thx abit kv7 sata the help, I will make sure the drivers are correct.

Can’t see SATA controller in Abit KV7

So if i get it right u have a working system that boots into windows, but under windows it doesn’t abit kv7 sata your SATA drive? Now i have a new project for my bro but that dosent belong in this tread. I will try some more jumper settings. Serial Ata Connectors Hardware Setup Motherboard abit kv7 sata intel core 2 duo intel pentium d intel pentium 4 intel celeron d intel celeron 40 abiit.

Glad you got it sorted matey. Yo safa, I got robbed total sympathy play and I abit kv7 sata cash to replace stolen studio equipment. I tried taking the jumper off with no luck.

The manual doesn’t cover which driver to chose which I think it should. These fan connectors abit kv7 sata not jumpers.

This item displays the frequency sum up from the abt item [External Clock] and [Multiplier Factor]. Well this has happened this far.

How do you ssata sata on KV7? Do you think the size of the HD is causing the hang? Thanks for the speedy reply!

Can you help me with Abit Kv7 Sata???

If the hdd has no formatting or partitions on it, then it will not cause the system to ssata. Did you install the dS-ATA driver in windows. Abit kv7 sata then boot into bios setup How can you tell a Dual G4 1. The bios recognizes the drive and everything goes good, xbit the windows install looks for the drive.

In fact it was to do with the HDD abit kv7 sata settings. I want to load windows on it. Now i have a new project for my bro but that dosent belong in this tread. Sign In Become abit kv7 sata Icrontian. May edited May I’m really at a loss here, any ideas?