Having this adapter for about a year now it has become clear to me that Win10 drivers are not coming despite the many complaints on Linksys’ forums. Disconnects constantly After a year of increasingly frequent disconnects this product now fails every minutes. Product is also cheap and effective. Your wireless connection is protected by industrial-strength bit encryption. Can’t believe how simple it was. No Windows 10 drivers This device does not work natively using Windows 10, nor will Linksys produce Windows 10 drivers for it. A search on Google will show that this is a pervasive problem that is solved most often by buying a non-Linksys adapter.

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I bought in This irritated me because I didn’t see any bit restrictions listed on the box or marketing material from Linksys.

I had this other one that had a separate wireless interface and had to be maneuvered through that, not the normal wireless thing. Best Buy Gift Card. Installation was a breeze with the included CD.

Linksys Wireless N USB Adapter (AECA) : Wireless USB Adapters – Best Buy Canada

This is a dead product, and a waste of money. More Information Just plug the USB adapter udb your computer to wirelessly connect hsb your wirelexs network With transfer rates up to Mbps you’ll enjoy a powerful networking experience for surfing, chatting, sharing or playing online. In the end they wanted to send me a replacement. It works great with standard Wireless-G and linksys wireless 300n usb adapter equipment, but when both ends of the wireless link are Wireless-N, the throughput can be increased even more by using twice as much radio band, yielding speeds up to 12 times as fast as standard Wireless-G.

Sri from Cambridge Apr 14, If you are running Windows 10, before you buy any linksys wireless 300n usb adapter these adapters, make they have Windows 10 drivers available online.

Couldnt have been easier, took 5 minutes from start to end, can’t beat the price either. You’ll also be able to connect with any of linskys growing number of public linksys wireless 300n usb adapter springing up in coffee shops, airport lounges, hotels and convention centers.

I do have window 10, but seems like works very well on my laptop. Otherwise you will be in for a prolonged headache down the road. User reviews on www. There other things to try on various forums zdapter you linksys wireless 300n usb adapter around. Download the newest drivers.

Linksys Wireless-N WUSBN USB Wireless Adapter

Jo from Toronto, Ontario Mar 06, Sebastian from Laval, QC Oct 27, Play the CD a couple of click and your done. I had a wifi signal problem on my laptop for a long time, and I do not know why I have not bought this item yet! I also was concerned linksys wireless 300n usb adapter I couldn’t see any means of keeping the monitor current with software updates.

It also only has windows 7 drivers Works very well on Axapter Someone from Fredericton, NB Jan 05, Best Buy Credit Card.

Expect regular dropouts and an occasional solid wirelsss that is immune to even a kill Try different Channels like The included Setup Wizard will walk you through configuring the adapter to your network’s settings, step by step.

Ridiculously easy to linksys wireless 300n usb adapter, quick, simple, physically small, cheap, works great, and works like an ersatz laptop – no program or anything like that to connect wirelessly, just the normal windows wireless program.

Last for about 4 yrs Very good product. Disconnects regularly Always disconnects and needing to wirekess it back in, generally weak connection it’s ok for price. Product is also cheap and effective. Sam from Kitchener, ON Apr 27,