It boggles the mind that Apple isn’t doing this repair. My question is what is the exact value of the capacitor for the video switching? Is anything to be done? The cap sholud be other Non-polarized and must be in other place. Someone did mention a similar size cap but Digikey didn’t have them in stock during my repair; I believe it was a ceramic based cap. My Mac is reborn! I’ve done the repair with less problem using all the info of this solution and it work amazing!

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Need for Speed Shift MBP is running very smoothly. I’ve done the repair with less problem using all gt 330m info of this solution and it work amazing!

NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

You may want to clean the old thermal paste and gt 330m a good quality paste. Albeit it obviously means not running any graphics-intensive programs that would require the nVidia card. Hi Norm, Although it sounds like a good idea There are mods people have proposed to make the pgood signal more stable but they don’t work. February 22 by Emanuel. I have changed the capacitor as per gt 330m, and it works perfectly again!

Watch the Louis Rossmann video This product is failed product.

Thank you for taking the time to describe the capacitor install. A crappy capacitor makes total sense. I use an external monitor dual monitor setup if anything goes wrong, Gt 330m should notice it immediately or soon after.

Hi Edward, Many thanks for the response. I finally upgraded to the stupid Mountain OS.

I’ve bookmarked this page and the YouTube link. If you upgrade the Mac OSX higherthe crach will be more frequently. I’ve tried my gt 330m, no difference.

Geforce GT M really as bad as people say? | NotebookReview

Free Cap ordered Digikey; All other items were ordered on Amazon. My Mac is reborn!

I’d trust the markings on the capacitor. Samsung R Aura Hawk. I have resoldered them with the heat gt 330m but It’s been an unexpected work I would have preferred not having to do.

Glad to gt 330m another gtt has been able to fix their MBP6,2!!! We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment.

GeForce GT M Can Run PC Game System Requirements

Hi Kyle, Sorry I’ve been away on vacation and travel for gt 330m. Any chance your near Toronto also willing to drive if not and could I pay you to do the same gt 330m mine? Hi Edward, Thank you for taking the time to describe the capacitor install.

I use the gfxcardstatus 2. Was this gt 330m helpful? You will noticed the screen change ht a little when the cards switch. You have an board. I’ll report back when up and running with gt 330m new MB. Meanwhile I’m gonna look and find myself a second hand mbp that apparently have better parts and can take me into the sunset for another few years.