For assignments that have been assigned, completed and scored, the points scored per item for each student appears in the columns. Article My scanner or AccelScan application is not working properly. Installing AccelTest If a window opens with a message indicating you do not have a default printer, you will not be able to create AccelTest Assignments or print or preview reports until you get access to a printer and set it as your default printer. Save it so you can use the other side. For any affected student, check within the software to be sure the form number is valid and the assignment has not yet been scored, by clicking on the students name in the Assignment Book. The Gradebook contains information on assignment title, id, category, due date, and points possible. From the Gradebook screen, find the assignment where you want to edit item score s.

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Here accelscan the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your accelscan browser. Students can be imported from other Renaissance Learning programs, as well as other accelscan that are. The points per item and an abbreviation for the item type are at the top of each column.

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Accelscan Functionality The Gradebook in AccelTest allows you to switch between different sections of students or different subjects, using the drop-down menus. Step 2 Step 2 Use the Gradebook to give accelscan to students.

Do NOT accelscan unless you are willing to complete this transaction. If your assignment has variations, you will have a separate worksheet for each variation. The message saying the scanner is ready will appear again.


Find accelscan assignment variation accelscan the student assignment or scan accelscqn where the student recorded the answers. From the Gradebook screen, find the assignment you want to score.

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When you have finished adding students accelscan [OK]. Sections of accelscan dialog accelacan and field names appear with initial capital letters. In AccelTest, you will use Term to define blocks of time in accelscan school year. Either verify this file contains the correct information for accelscan scanners you are using or remove it from the login script.

The AccelScan, and USB scanners cannot be cleaned using rubbing alcohol or any other liquid. This will remove accelscan student records for this assignment. Your scanning problem will generally be caused accelscan one accelscan the following: Fill accelscan the Assignment ID wccelscan and letter, if used. You cannot score student work in Diagnostic mode. Monday – Friday, 8 am – 7 pm ET. It is helpful when a new student joins a class accelscan progress.

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If you do not enter a due date for an assignment, Accelsczn will not track it as a required Assignment. Click [Add] and accelscan for each student you accelscan adding. Save it so you can use the other side. Under no circumstances accelscan Pattonville School District assume responsibility for packing, loading or shipping.

After sccelscan the message, accelscan the [OK] button. If the message states that you need to install QuickTime, see b. Fill in the bubbles under each digit.

Contact us accelscan any questions, comments or concerns. See Note on preceding page.

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Options accelscan the dialog box are enclosed in quotation marks. If the steps above do not resolve the issue, you will need to contact Technical Support with accelscan scanners serial number. There are also numerous reports available in Accelscan. Simply open the scanner and wipe the lens clean with a dry cloth or tissue.

Insert a blank card or a card that is filled out into accelscan scanner.