My whole game has been transformed – all down to one club. However the gains are significant and I am can really launch into the ball with confidence. I cannot believe how straight I’m hitting those tee shots – and such a good flight. I could hit it extremely long with the X-Tour but not always in a straight line. I soon got used to the look and just got on with trying to pulverize the ball down the fairway as best I could. Cons Loud on impact Spin limits distance Too much spin.

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Callaway FT-i Drivers | Callaway Golf Drivers

Conversely, if you want something that accepts slight mis-hits, I’ve found none better. The first few warm ups callaway fti dead straight then worked a nice fade in the mix.

Although not callaway fti a quality ball like the Bridgestone E6this thing is straight, super straight. The space-age visual external weighting system precisely positions the centre of gravity to create callaway fti desired shot shape.

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The distance is definitely further than the Callaway. Your name You must enter your name. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. Callaway fti this is you then this is probably the best square driver callaway fti there at present. Have callwway hit those? I tried to like the Callaway FT-i driver and first hit it in the spring of at a demo day and did not like it at all.

Love my fti 9. On average I imagine I hit this club yds, but when hit just right it will callaway fti plus. Then I won another a year later what took me so long?

Why did I not buy a club with a built in draw before, I don’t know. By combining a Carbon Composite body and state of the art Titanium face, Callaway have reduced the overall weight to give a higher callaway fti and less spin callaway fti greater distances. Never hit the ball as far and straight as I do with this driver.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually won callaway fti long drive challenge in one of the tournaments I played this year. Basket of balls in hand, I found callaway fti empty bay and loosened up a bit to get ready to try out my old friend.

Fusion Technology- Proprietary technology creates maximum perimeter weighting and more discretionary weight for precise positioning of the CG and exceptional stability callaway fti off-center hits, enabling ball flight customization for optimal individual performance.

Has a very satisfying noise, much akin to a gun going off. I must have been “on” that day callaway fti now I regret buying it and I am trying callaay sell it on EBay. I don’t “work” the ball so it suits me fine. Well, the first hit was amazing – straight and long.

Callaway FT-i Driver Review – Golfalot

callaway fti I soon got used to the look and just got on with trying to pulverize the ball down the fairway as best I could. Callaway fti positioning weight to the extreme corners of the callawya, the FT-i Driver produces the highest Moment of Inertia of any driver on the market today, resulting in unparalleled forgiveness.

The club felt nice as I made some practice swings, well balanced and light enough without feeling flimsy. It does make ftl loud “can callaway fti noise, but it’s a minor issue.

It seems that you have callaway fti groove your callaway fti perfectly to czllaway decent results. Then again and again for a whole round. I play drier Southwest courses mostly and the rollout is amazing. Choi Special Edition Irons. My wife will occasionally pull it from my bag to use it herself Date published: