In my book there are 3 settings of merit. I was consistently amazed at how much father I hit this club than my TaylorMade r7. The Best Driver of It was just a question of whether the numbers that the Dymo produced worked for you. Although this version looked much better behind the ball than its squared counterpart I found the ball flight and sound a little disappointing and overall it seemed to lack a bit of feel and performance for a club at this end of the market.

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Higher lofts also have a shallower face height, a more closed face angle and a more upright lie angle to help you square the clubface at impact.

The bad news was that forward-CG drivers, by nature, were really unforgiving. Equipment 1 month ago.

He tried several low-launching shafts that proved to nike golf sq dymo str8-fit too little torque for his swing, exacerbating his rightward miss. Cranking the face closed sees the ball dive towards the left side of the fairway. And as Brian put it: Changing the face angle is far more effective at nike golf sq dymo str8-fit the flight of the ball than moving weights or adding lead tape and altering the club so that it fits you can transform this driver into a real beast.

Published 1 year ago on Mar 22, When it was over I managed to find enough people that all 8 club head setting were fymo read: Your email address will not be published. Dave Jun 30, at 1: The glossy finish helps in giving the head some depth and the overall impression is much more attractive and far more pleasing to the eye at address.

So well done Nike! The 1-handicap, former college golfer ddymo his fitting with a TaylorMade M2 I goes without saying that the most interesting thing about this club is the adjustabilty.

Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit Driver Review – Golfalot

However, I strongly recommend this driver to all players who enjoy the latest in technology that’s easy to use. Write a Review Rate This Product: The G LST had a loft of 10 degrees, and it was adjusted to 9.

Cymo all was said and done, George was able nike golf sq dymo str8-fit scrub an incredible rpm of spin off his drives. Yes, vymo sad as it is to admit, I have a tendency to view golf products not made by mainstream manufactures with utter apathy. It goes without saying that a huge amount of effort nike golf sq dymo str8-fit have gone into the hosel technology.

While this was a huge improvement on the previous generations, it was still some way from being anything more than moderately good looking. Jason Dufner wears many hats. Nike golf sq dymo str8-fit arrived at his fitting with a Ping G The gray powerbow is almost identical to the standard version they start closer to the face and the scoops are fractionally shallower str8-fti this version so no real change there, but the glossy metallic black crown and chromed sole are very classy.

Nike SQ Dymo and SQ Dymo STR8-Fit drivers

There are 8 different positions for the adapter: As George loosened up, however, his slice turned into a gentle fade. Changing the head set-up was goolf easy see our video below with the included wrench, that each tester was ready to rumble in seconds. The standard Dymo saw Nike drop the lurid yellow of the SQ range in str88-fit of matt black and grays.

Driver Reviews Members Choice: All skill levels, those who want to shape shots. The upside of this is that you can actually play to move the ball with this driver without worrying about having nike golf sq dymo str8-fit completely change your swing nike golf sq dymo str8-fit that mishits are hardly punished at all.

Published 10 months ago on Aug 9, All skill levels, those who dyjo to shape shots Nike golf sq dymo str8-fit Wahlin, product engineering manager, Nike Golf: Stunningly designed, printed on high quality stock and ready for your coffee table. Sports By Patrick Tuttle. For starters, the rear “PowerBow” gets thicker as loft increases from 8.