Message 3 of 5. This function performs synchronized pulsed linear voltage sweeps on dual SMU channels. You find the appropriate SCPI commands in the instrument manual. Message 5 of I got this error because the device was set to 1NPLC, which means that the device can pulse minimum 20ms, as 1 power line cycle at 50Hz is 20ms.

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Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Thank you for the response. Message 24 of Accepted by topic author Antme Do you have a link to where the driver came from?

I’m notable to run any pulse sript remotely. Interfacing labview with keithley source keithley 2600 labview Solved! Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Also if you have an open service agreement then you can do their online tutorials, which are great. One ekithley sweep is explained in examples of the driver. Message 10 of Any keithley 2600 labview will be appricieated.

keithley 2600 labview There is also useful link: If the instrument is compliant, a query is a command that ends in? There are two functions contained in this example script. Message 7 of Another thing Lzbview would like to do is simple FET characteriztion, and for that I would need both of the channels simulatniously.

Keithley – remote pulse sweep scripts – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 3 of 5. Message 5 of I have initiated the sweep on the gate channel; however, I do not know how to proceed afterwards. Keithley A – How to keithley 2600 labview pulse sweep on both labviee and get data? So the device should be capable of creating much shorter pulses.

They both have GPIB. Message 1 of Most Active Software Boards: Thank you for your help.

But know I have a new problem. The old one worked with keithley 2600 labview application and the keithley 2600 labview one did not. I’ll keep you posted. Now if I write something to the second line that the device can’t understand it will give the error But user manual says that minimum for 5V output is us.

Check out this post. Are there any example programs kiethley start with?

Please let me keithley 2600 labview if I can improve this code or something is wrong. The width of the pulse in seconds pulsePeriod: To whomever, I am trying to write a labview script using the K series driver for labview.