However, I would love to use the card in my older computer which I plan to upgrade to W7, so it’s nice to know that it can be made to work. Jean Francois, Thanks for your report. The mixer volume settings are unreliable and respond whenever they feel like it and it took me several tries to get digital in even working I wouldn’t complain if just switching that each time would be enough, but that setting definitely likes to hang. I gauge this by something like pausing and playing a video and listening if sound pops are audible.

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The 6fire would be an awesome card if the drivers weren’t so finnicky All the inputs still work fine including the internal wave card header which I use for connecting my old Yamaha wavetable db50xg and midi playback for dos box. Onboard sometimes doesn’t sound as good and I’ve had issues with dos sound, and terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 etc. I typically ignore it and have that ISA HS64 to some little electrostatics and just let it terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 radio.

I know this is not what you want to hear, but moving on to a new card is my advice. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. User Control Panel Log out.

DMX 6Fire 24/96

I’m wasting it all at the moment. I wonder if high-end sounds cards aren’t a bit like workstation graphics cards. Jean Francois Hello Vicsant, My post yesterday was claiming victory too soon. The front module even offers terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 Wave Blaster header which not too many newer cards do, yerratec there is the option of installing some daughterboard and driving it from a retro PC or using it from the main PC itself.

Terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 keep you posted. I played an FMOD game and noticed that the sounds aren’t fading correctly. Please keep us posted. Terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 web site at the Dog-on-blues studio My blog about the music 3. Quite likely this is the reason why those cards are available for very affordable prices in Europe.

I also still use the midi connectors under Windows 8. Seriously, why can’t this sound card stuff just work It simply doesn’t work when Sensaura terrztec turned off. For whatever reason I have never been able to get the digital outputs working reliable under windows Vista 6cire addition or Windows 8 so I use another sound card for that and get windows to pass the sound between card digitally.

Thanks for checking it out for me. The last one is the most annoying since for some reason it does seem to require locked 96 kHz for everything to terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 properly, unless using the external setting for digital in. It works quite well, but wenn i try to change my asio settings int the “asio control panel” i get a bluescreen.

TERRATEC SoundSystem DMX 6fire 24/96 Specs – CNET

I have this soundcard too. So yes you terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 still make good use of this card under a modern bit version of Windows but if you need digital outputs you really need a more modern card with drivers designed for use under Vista and newer as I never got them working right under Vista, Windows7 or Windows 8.

Some clicks and pops but I’ll try out Jean Francois’ advice and see what happens. I found the main culprit was actually the Asio output dll in Media Monkey, causing clicks.

The soundcard has never been a problem but I would like to move from XP to Win7 if possible. But yeah, it was common back then for cards to have driver probs, the WORST 6fiee that manufacturers modified the chipset in a way that only terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 specific driver works. They are version 5. Could be a design decision but it’s annoying when you have to wait a certain amount of time before being able to get sound out of the PC after using digital in.

Sometimes certain settings just terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 stuck, requiring a reboot to get terrztec out of the PC again.

Hello Vicsant, My post yesterday was claiming victory too soon. I wouldn’t complain if just switching that each time would be enough, but that setting definitely likes to hang.

Everything sounds fine to me that way, but I guess it does perform resampling on everything and when recording stuff it sounds logical that recording in the original sample rate would offer better sound quality. I 6vire confirm that the Vista driver v5. Last edited by d1stortion on I would leave the computer and come back an hour later to no sound. Don’t know it terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 work with Win7. I had some crazy problems with the dmx6fire in vista.

Drivers for Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96

You might have a card with a common chipset and not be able to use it because of terratec dmx 6fire 24 96 branding and there is no driver updates. So there is the question whether DirectSound is even accelerated in this case. Switching back to the Wave output solved that.