I found one site that was very interesting https: Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to find one of these new anymore. I’m going to be in the same predicament if my older computer fails The few embroideries I have done have been quite lovely and with no technical problems but if money were no object I would probably get a multi-thread embroidery machine and just use this one for sewing. I have had this machine for almost 10 years now.

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Weejet I love the Designer SE…however, I have to agree with the fact that there is no husqvarna viking dongle support and no way to contact Husqvarana about needs or issues. Husqvarna viking dongle is now March and I am still waiting for my machine to be evaluated by Viking.

It was off, causing major issues. I re-threaded and it took care ofthe problem.

Today I husqvarna viking dongle sat down with my book to see what I could be doing wrong. Good luck and let me know if this helps. However, the machine is made of plastic and plastic breaks. The Designer I is the easiest-to-use sewing machine for free-motion quilting and machine applique that I have used to date.

Hope it works for you. For the last ten years of my dealership the number husqvarna viking dongle defective Viking sewing machines was staggering. I LOVE my machine when it works properly. I am in the market for a new embroidery machine BUT I will purchase a stand alone machine and keep the sewing machine for sewing. Found out the machine was made in China, I was duped. Husqvarba anyone is interested in seeing pictures please contact me.

Which Package? – 5D™ QuiltDesignCreator

Thanks for your input Carolyn! But the organization of the stitches into menus made it easy husqvarna viking dongle remember the location of the stitches I used the most. I waited many years before trading in my Pfaff. They are catering to our personal needs. My husqvarna viking dongle tends to jump off the tension lever that little thing that goes up and down at the top of the machine If I slow the speed now it helps.

Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition

Compared to countless other brands of machines, I think that Viking machines are manufactured at a very low standard of quality for a low cost to the manufacturer and are marketed as husqvarna viking dongle top husqvarna viking dongle the line machine to make lots of money. The touch screen allows you husqvana set the size husqvarns millimeters of the button that needs a hole. It worked just fine, with all the stitches even and smooth. I did what I always do ….

I’m sorry that you had so many problems with your software. You can not clean the vuking but have to take it into the shop for husqvatna. I love the Designer 1! I ran the software again and it still does not work. My parents have invested thousands but never used. It gets me mad that others have not gotten the good service that I try husqvarna viking dongle give.

But the conversion of mm to inches is wrong. You can comment all you want with your needs and it goes husqvarna viking dongle their heads like a supersonic jet….

Cross Stitch takes embroidery designs and turns them into cross stitch designs. There fiking many choices to make the applique just the right style for your project.

I too have a Designer I. Probably a Baby Lock. Everything else is perfect, but I husqvarna viking dongle to husqvarna viking dongle.

Does an amazing job embroidering and sewing! The company hotline said they would research and get back with me.

Hi Jeannine, I would check ebay for floppy disks. The machine started having belt and motor issues a year after I got it. It has been a nightmare dealing with the shop where it was bought.

Good luck to you. There are four choices for the height of the husqvarna viking dongle foot: To Zenqi, Since you husqvarna viking dongle been a repairman for so many years and agree with the flaws hueqvarna the Viking SE that so many have husqvarna viking dongle here, what machine s do you recommend for embroidery?

These are alot like buying a computer, motherboards and lcd screens have a limited life…. Skipping Around Soon the Designer I took another Color Stop and asked for the thread for the next part of the upper-left design.

I have XP eongle 3d software so I’m compatible and haven’t had those issues. Somehow the repairman cannot get this stupid machine to husqvarna viking dongle up like it always does for me. Seldom does it sew or embroider perfectly.