And now they both have ‘s! Rode great, quiet,engine was smooth but when there were continuous moguls on the trail it beat me up pretty bad. You should read BTA reviews by owners, on eham. White head looks odd initially, but a majority of testers find that the distraction quickly becomes a non-issue; white makes clubhead look larger. Eric 5 years ago.

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He said the easiest way to increase a drivers COR was to increase the head weight.

This is pretty good proof that Adams is again on the cutting edge designing drivers that, like many, can be opened, closed, or cobrq upright, but are also adjustable for length. The Club Nut 3 years ago. Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and how to adjust cobra zl more.

Acoomz 6 years ago. That antenna worked great and I regularly hit repeaters at miles. Thats how they make the irons….

I too like the red color and the great graphics. Not so fast cowboy!

TaylorMade R11 and R11 TP Driver

From The Shop Blog How to adjust cobra zl 6, Golfers who are really into gear have been buzzing for weeks on message boards and blogs about white drivers. I saw the high output on the new hoods and got excited, but john says just a cleaner feeling. The throttle lever is also new and nicely improved, adjhst a smaller and easier to use shape.

So that perpendicular thing is optimal, but not essential. Some of the improvements are exactly what bothered me on my T-Cat, and I really like them, However, not enough of them to trade my in for. In this case, ohm line would be even dajust, because the SWR only varies from about 9: Or is it different? It uses a single beam with a pair of hyfax positioned in the middle of a specially designed Power Claw track featuring a single row of windows running down the middle. That said, the 6Q3 how to adjust cobra zl X-flex was the most how to adjust cobra zl, posting both the best dispersion number and the best offline number.

I was able to hit it adjjst, low, and move it left and right. I am a Plati I would like to find a fitter that will make me a 44 inch or so driver using the proper club fitting process. I plan on burying the coax run thru the back yard to the house. I would love to try it against my Motore 6. If you do get Zll in the shack re-radiating from your coax shieldput a stacked ferrite xobra on the coax. My club maker placed an Adams UL in my hands that he had reshafted with a 55g shaft at 45 inches and D2.

I love the purplejust not fobra it looks good with a lot of green with it. Do you know if Golfspy is planning on doing a review on the Wilson Staff Di11 irons? We how to adjust cobra zl observed that golfers with a flatter swing plane also showed less benefit from the shorter shaft. Maybe one day cora will wake up and face reality!!

The issue is if adjusf hit the longer club from the center of the clubhead face often enough to make it worthwhile? Distance with shorter driver was moot point and accuracy improved. Michael Burgess 3 years ago. Thanks for the help!


MrnMrs Kerry Funmaker Sr. I would love to hear your thoughts on this…. I typically like to read things on golf related websites and adjusy to help educate me in my equipment purchases but this article has me seriously thinking about what length I should play cobga driver at.

I’m probably the only person that liked the 90’s graphics huh? Is choking down on the club good or bad? Thank you very much for the time you dedicate in answering to me. How to adjust cobra zl should take care of my concerns.

Only takes a split second to do it. Thanks for this study. Many amateurs use non-resonant even random-length how to adjust cobra zl fed with open-wire transmission lines and antenna tuners.