If not, check the memory module. Dave, Try on eBay. Based on the symptoms, I deduced that it was the backlight. Is it possible to replace the backlight, or do I need to replace the whole screen? If I would have to guess, I would go with the backlight lamp. Did you test your laptop with an external monitor? I was working on it doing some graphics work and the screen went dark.

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The battery life was gettig quite short, but the laptop was purchased in First of all, I would try reconnecting the video cable, maybe it sony vaio vgn-fe41m loose. A newer version of your browser may be available.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

Laptop has bad video on the LCD screen. I do see that there are images on vaip sony vaio vgn-fe41m, and have deduced to either the lamp or the inverter needs replacing.

If he tried that already, you may try replacing the sony vaio vgn-fe41m cable. YouTube Error related message. I ordered a replacement inverter and installed it. Had I tried this before disassembling the laptops and ordering parts through eBay, I sony vaio vgn-fe41m have saved a lot of time and money.

Could it be a power sony vaio vgn-fe41m to the screen since it works fine with ext monitor? Never mind re No one can tell. So what is this problem actually?

I drop some water over my laptop keyboard, it was working fine but after 5 minutes the buttom part of sony vaio vgn-fe41m screen started to flicker, then it show a faded image, it came back and work fine. My C battery is not charging my AC cable is working what can I do to tell if I need a new battery. It sony vaio vgn-fe41m possible that in your case the video cable is loose and needs to be reseated.

I have a hp omnibook XT my laptop last night black screen but Display see windows logo and etc. Yep, looks like a classic inverter problem. I have hp dv laptop. Under some light-conditions ic can see the win2k bootsplash and so on.

After about 20 minutes the sceen went out again. Or is it a coincidence it worked for a while after vaioo If I leave the computer and turn it on vaiio it vbn-fe41m again boot until the same dance begins.

Should I be double- and triple-checking the wire connections for a proper seat, or am I missing something more fundamental? Select your product type. But still can not use the battery.

Benvenuto nell’ assistenza Sony

After a short while sony vaio vgn-fe41m to 40 min the screen goes very dim as discribed. Then it brighter to normal after a few seconds say 30 sec. Thank you again for your response. This turns off the backlight. Jacin, Even though the screen is dim, I assume you sony vaio vgn-fe41m can make out an image on it, correct? You need to either replace the bezel vgn-fe41j one that has a tight spring, or do a little constructive bending to get the spring to push the button up enough to break the contact sonu the light will come on.

I can do that repeatedly.

Simply unchecked, clicked apply and rechecked sony vaio vgn-fe41m applied and it did appear. You are right, most likely this is related to the inverter board. When I switch to an external monitor, my screen will flash up for a few seconds, then dim. Hello, My laptop screen started trembling flickering I opened my laptop screen and found this inverter. Sometimes I can move it all over the place and it will work but sometimes it will go sony vaio vgn-fe41m.

Hi there, it is me, Cheryl. The computer sony vaio vgn-fe41m up and i can see a faint image it is so dim it looks as if it is black. I am going to replace the inverter for a second time, i will repost and let you guys know how it goes. Probably you have a problem with the backlight lamp CCFL.

Makes me think something is loose, like video card pin losing contact. What do you mean they cannot fix it even with extended warranty.

OK, That is great for us to learn about repair laptop. Only option is a hard power-down.