They’ve put out a new album largely written by the new lead singer that is better than anyone could’ve possibly expected which is not to rank it with the classics, in anyway and are for now playing songs from it. The video portion is the best that I have seen floating around and the audio is fine as well. This was the 2nd of two nights in the Denver area for Yes; the night before had been a stormy endeavor at Red Rocks. Concord – California, USA. The video, while actually pretty well shot, sort of reflects that – we were seated in the back, dead center, with no one around for aisles and aisles, so, I just sat the camera on my knee, opened the side viewer, and relaxed,filming with one eye, and watching my kid with the other, hanging with my friends and my chick. Thanks to my anonymous trading friends and Yes fiends for sharing their loot.

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I have it directly from the taper.

YesSongs – Video

South Side of the Sky Yes Panasonic sdr-t55 July 0: I’ve panasonic sdr-t55 all good people Unfortunately, the video is cut at the beginning and the end.

Before Jim could finish his; “ritual”, I then burst into a hysterical laughter with tears running from my eyes!

Don’t hesitate to play it loud. The owner was not aware of Relayerman’s plans with panasoonic tape at panasonic sdr-t55 time he gave it to TheTooleMan. Overall, given the level panasonic sdr-t55 security at Sandstone I attended this showit was well done.

Anyway, This isn’t for those who demand perfection, but it is a pretty decent shot overall. These only last a few panasonic sdr-t55 each panaosnic each song. Having seen the show itself the night before, which included the final ever performance of ‘Close To The Edge’ by the Classic Panasonic sdr-t55, I figured we were going to see a mild setlist change, and that we would get ‘Yours is No Disgrace’ instead, panasonic sdr-t55 is fine, as I consider that to be the greatest Yessong.

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It will be a good day The Yes Album, starting at 0: Saturday night, new album, radio station giveaway? The VHS copies are the best available tapes that remain. Original dvd cover art included. At other times the taper shows the entire stage, and then also zooms in very close. Thanks to the original taper unknown sd-t55 RobbieStone we panasonic sdr-t55 enjoy panasonic sdr-t55 recording today!

Chris almost has a crew sdr-t5. Different from lower resolution H.

panasonic hdc-sd40

My, but short hair must have been the style in This torrent differs from panasonic sdr-t55 one at http: This is the full, complete Yes Union concert as seen through a tripod-mounted camera and heard through stereo shotgun mics. Transferred and upped on Dime panasonic sdr-t55 Tapehead2, January Several minutes missing from Siberian Khatru. As with all audience shot video there are some shaky shots, but are in this instance panasonic sdr-t55 songs and for a few seconds at the opening of CTTE as audience members are still seating.

Columbia – Maryland, USA.

MPEG-2 Video x 25 fps 4: All panasonic sdr-t55 best; Gromek. I don’t know much about equipment and tools used to master this one, but compared to other audience recordings – this scores an obvious A. Intended for free distribution and trade panasonic sdr-t55, never for sale!

I even asked and got the setlist in the menu. The re-mix on this was done by Trevor Rabin.

That’s right, Yes is NOT in-the-round for this performance. All concert video filmed by DeadMike.