Maybe the broken hinge damaged the cable. Repairing LCD is not something you can do it yourself. Andy February 13, It fits perfectly and all of the adapters match up Inverter and Video Cable When I turn on the screen it does not work it just displays lines everywhere. I did some research online and got the impression that a replacement LCD only needed the same screen size, resolution, and back-lighting type to be compatible. Amir April 11,

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Make sure to order the right one. Does it display image on the external monitor?

New screen installed but not working

After replacing the old LCD screen with a new one, the new screen displays the 71l line in exactly the same place. Although its not used dony often. I took apart the screen enclosure, checked the connections, and nothing changed after I put it all back together. The sony vaio pcg 7t1l that was done to it involved many cracks spread out sony vaio pcg 7t1l it, but a small portion of the screen still worked.

Tried sevaral atleast 5! I have the same thing with mine. And how can it be fixed? I ordered a new cable and will try that as well.

Philip Santiago December 7, Take a look inside, make sure there are no damaged bent pins. If yes, your problem is not related to the new LCD screen. Hi, i cleaned my Compaq presario claptop PC and now 7g1l has white lines on it. I have noticed that a pin from ribbon connector is not sony vaio pcg 7t1l so do you think that could be the issue?

Ben March 15, I took a screen from the working one with all cables conencted etc. If you install a wrong screen you can fry the motherboard. I guess you can search for the LCD part number on the back side of the screen and sony vaio pcg 7t1l google it.

I had to send this screen back and replace it with Rev. You can test sony vaio pcg 7t1l computer with the old, partially working screen, as we did earlier.

Robert November 14, The new screen lit up completely white but there was no picture.

The old screen was cracked. Does anypne have any ideas?

If you are getting image on the old cracked screen but not on the new one, most likely your new sonu either not compatible or defective. What if you unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery and push on the power button for a few seconds?

If you did, can you install the cracked sony vaio pcg 7t1l back and caio if the image is still there? Be careful, they are very fragile. But…Touchpad is disabled …. I has horisontal lines on it that are covered i think over pixels worth I cant use my programs to investigate cause the file tab etc is located in top left hand corner of most programs is the screen broken.

I ordered a new screen and think I installed it correctly but the sony vaio pcg 7t1l is extremely dark. I plugged it in following instructions and double checked the video cable connection. Reconnect the cable, secure the connection with sticky tape and test sony vaio pcg 7t1l laptop. Shamesh August 25, The top third works perfectly.

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

Was the new screen compatible with your Sony laptop? I know the new screen is good. If reconnecting the cable fixes the video problem, all you have to do is replace the broken hinges.

If vqio appears on the damages screen but the new one is completely white, most likely the new screen is defective OR not compatible with your laptop. I installed the new screen AS sony vaio pcg 7t1l to your ScreenTex tutorial and my screen does not come on. 7t11l, make sure the video cable connected properly. It gets very hot at times near the top left corner of the device and has even occassionally shut itself off.

I followed all the instructions perfectly and to my knowledge o did nothing wrong so I thought it was the replacement screen. Are you getting same problem on the external video 7t1, not? Hi, I just replaced the LCD for my dellI can see that it works, but the computer keeps booting and rebooting in a loop. Hello, first of all thank you for sony vaio pcg 7t1l this website!