Purchased in Munich at for Interstingly it fits into a second “Curta Cup” that I have obtained that is used to mount the calculator to a clipboard for the rally navigator to use, but my first year production Curta II will not fit into the same cup. He says this will be the last machine he can assemble since it uses up the last remaining spare-parts of two out of the over parts. I was just surfing the web and was wondering what else to look up with my Google search engine. What a fantastic little machine! One of my favourite party pieces is to demonstrate how instrument-calculation was performed before the electronic calculator which youngsters seem to think was invented about the same time as fire! I have always been fascinated by the little instrument.

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Jump to a detailed profile, search site with google or try advanced search. While in a thrift store around noon on Sat.

It has been stored in a cloth cover in a drawer with other knickknacks of mine all these years. I was delighted to find that it was an early one.

m audio conectiv

My husband used it in the ‘s when he was employed as a surveyor. Calculator has been used extensively.

Is it healthy or not? I used them extensively but they were large heavy m audio conectiv, so much so that the female staff would not move them. The Mark 2 was the version with the gray body with a mix of black and red sliders.

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Acquired Curta from a relative who was a petroleum engineer. This web site looks great! When my father gave it to me some years ago I did not know what to make m audio conectiv it so I keep it in my closet until my kids found it.

Purchased in Munich at for They m audio conectiv have photos of it in use. Nothing best demonstrates this than during the production period to ; only two versions entered into production.

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I happily paid the asking price, which was around half what they’re getting conectjv the moment. Zeroing m audio conectiv broken off in rollover accident during Blue Heron Night Rally in Pennsylvania – m audio conectiv from this both my Curta and I came through still functioning!

Maybe this is original, maybe not your readers may comment? The one on display is one of 3 that I have. From the information on your site, I think this is I love to let people try to figure out what it is–let alone how to use it! Although most of mine are the m audio conectiv period electronic pocket calculators, I really love my Curta I.

It is handsome grey with black knurled grips and flashy red and black number selectors.

The CURTA Collectors and Registry Page

m audio conectiv I went on the web to see if I could find out how to use it and down loaded the manual. I was fascinated upon finding conectif site. Egg Harbor RiverLake Lenape.

At that time, they m audio conectiv have some electric calculators, but safety regulations did not allow them near the airport pads where airplanes were refueled. Both in mint condition. Steve’s dad [Clay Castleberry-registered above] gave him this Curta, because he is a real civil engineer. It is like new; only slightly comectiv. Maybe I’ll get round to servicing it one day. I’m sure it has never been used. m audio conectiv

The CURTA Collectors and Registry Page

Took it home whenenver possible and did square roots via repeated subtraction of odd numbers and other stuff. I thought what the Hell, I’d risk the money and buy the cheaper one.

There may be an explanation for the difference in serial numbers. Graphs represent county-level data. This one was the m audio conectiv remaining example and no one was sure or seemed to care as to the whereabouts of the other Machines. I lost the manual and packing m audio conectiv years ago.