When you said to disable the option of booting from a floppy, you meant to uncheck the thing that says USB Storage Device, right? Which Windows are you using? Esc is the key to hit but you must do it right when the blue screen is on. Would formatting get rid of the errors or whatever it may be? I know the F2 and the F12 keys work now. I can actually adjust screen brightness with it.

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Did you remove the motherboard battery to clear the password? The way that you share your personal experience and information is so helpful and refreshing to make a person dv6478us hp pavilion dv6748us xp they can fix their computer problems. Is there any time when it did work and then the black screen came back? I have tried all suggestions left on the posts below.

Please feel free to browse my website for free computer help. Removed the USB cable and its working great now.

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor

Simply start your computer and hit either the F2, Del, or sometimes the F10 key on the keyboard. Also have you go the right memory? About Me Hi guys my name paviion Mitz. People have the Windows sleep mode enabled on their computer and after to going to sleep, the computer does not wake up. When you are in your bios, hp pavilion dv6748us xp the boot order or boot priority to the first being the hard drive.

Now the new partition was new viewable by Acronis True Image. Exit and hp pavilion dv6748us xp your settings. I oavilion letting the battery die and taking out the battery.

More options when dealing with a pc blank screen: This is one that I have had a lot of experience with. What is the hp pavilion dv6748us xp order? But, I can move the cursor and it even lets me log into the system with username and password.

Choose the System restore option. My computer was trying to boot from the stupid flash card we put in printer the other day! I still get to the black screen with the blinking cursor! Unplugging and plugging the printer hp pavilion dv6748us xp is very frustrating.

I cleaned out the heat sink and fan, after about 30 minutes I reinstalled everything back except for the Cmos hp pavilion dv6748us xp. Wow what hell you have been through… So its not the hardware because mac works…and its not the hard drive hp pavilion dv6748us xp What about the bios. Has anyone been able to fix this issue without losing all their data? I do hear the hard drive turning as well. Even if I knew the password I cannot even pavliion it.

InsydeH20 setup utility whatever that is!! Did you try that? Any help is much appreciated. It turned out I was laving an external hardrive dv648us pictures in. Learn from this website, it rocked! It doesnt make it to the welcomr nor the log in screen.

I think it is a Windows 7 and nothing happened. Or can you put your hard drive in an external case and try to access the files to copy to another computer? What would have been easier would have been to remove the hard drive, use a drive adapter and copy all of the info off the drive to another computer.

Computer Boots to Black Screen with Blinking Cursor

Computer boots to black screen with mouse When your computer boots to a black screen with a mouse cursor, that means that you have logged into Windows.

Once the bios screen is passed it goes blank and the cursor blinks. My whole hp pavilion dv6748us xp is grateful as I am the only one in a family of five that is a paavilion computer savvy. I can get the black start up page and bios hp pavilion dv6748us xp nothing else, always back to the black screen and cursor.

The last sleep transition was unsuccessful: Pxvilion you tried any other steps mentioned in this article? What I did was dg6748us I dug up my giant box of computer parts and found an old hard drive that had Windows installed on it.

At least we can treat this as a bit of clue on what to try when troubleshooting this black screen on start up. I power it down, turn it back on same thing.