Hybrid irons have zero roll to ensure consistent launch angle. This transitioning of the bounce angles allows the golfer to play this wedge with varying degrees of closed to open face. Call us for Information and Prices: Full radius round head profile shape with a symmetrical face profile to allow the face design to approach an ultra-high COR of nearly 0. Since the model never sold that much anyway, I chose to drop it out of a judgment that it would be better not to offer it than to potentially deal with the negative reaction to it. Higher MOI for greater off-center hit performance from a slightly longer heel to toe profile combined with an increased side and back wall thickness. Wishon c Forged 4-pw set, Matrix graphite Firm flex:

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Wishon Golf THI Driver (Clubhead ONLY) – Spargo Golf

Both black and Matte White wishon 959ol surfaces available but some Rh lofts wishon 959ol wkshon white and no Lh wishon 959ol white. Semi-shallow face height of 33mm with square angle. Cup face welding and variable thickness forged titanium SP face delivers the max COR allowed from the center to off-center hits.

Stronger lofts to prevent “ballooning shots”. New Micro-Groove scorelines with horizontal milling 9959ol the lines for more friction yielding wlshon spin. Skip to main content. CNC precision engraved scorelines for best penetrating ball flight.

The head does show wear. Reduced rear body wall thickness sections to move the center of gravity closer to the wishon 959ol for low spin to combine with the ultra-high COR for maximum distance.

A brand new ultra-high COR driver design to meet the demands of the many golfers who play the game strictly for enjoyment.

Beautiful Satin Chrome finish on Stainless Steel. Head body material is C carbon steel for wishon 959ol customizing with loft and lie changes.

When we had the driver head in the product line, I thought all along that people would see this as nothing but an effort for us to offer a head wishon 959ol people who did not play tournaments or serious handicap posting golf — sheer enjoyment in other words. If you are a clubmaker or have the experience to build clubs correctly, contact us and we wishon 959ol be glad to help since the offer for the OL heads is good through Sept 6.

The biggest thing that could help is to use a driver with a higher loft to better match your present clubhead speed. We did clearly state in the catalog that the was non conforming to the COR rule and it should not be played in competition.

I brought this club head into my shop thinking I would sell it someone. Tom Wishon May 1, Ladies’ lengths are 1″ less than men’s std. Face height is 34mm.

959OL High Launch Driver

But you know what? New triple variable thickness face design for incredible off center hit performance Features: Thin, variable thickness, high strength steel face provides a high 0. I crushed some drives. Diamond is our wishon 959ol distributor in the UK and when you tell them you are looking for a good wishon 959ol to work with to be custom fit into the OL driver, they will be able to reference their list of clubmakers wishon 959ol the UK to find one in reasonable proximity to where you live.

SP in the face wishon 959ol hosel ensures more durability. We understand hat this driver is a non conforming club and my question is can that driver head be shaved. Offsets from 6mm to 3mm. Full forward face progression offers the option of a hybrid club that sets wishon 959ol with the look of a fairway wood.

The more I saw it sitting around I decided to built it for me, since I no longer could top mph on my driver speed. It is possible to shave a face too thin for a specific clubhead speed at which time the face could cave in.

Adam April 30, Call for our Prices. For sale is a used Wishon HS Call us for Information and Prices: Hybrid irons have zero roll to ensure consistent launch angle.

If you do not find a clubmaker close enough to where you live on that locator search tool, then we ask you to please contact us to tell us that by sending us an email at contact wishongolf. Only 1 set with lofts: However, since you say you are in your 70s and seeing a decrease in your previous clubhead speed, more than likely you won;t run into a durability issue if you did send the head off to be shaved down in face wishon 959ol.

Fully radiused sole grind with beveled leading edge. I would like to purchase 2 ol high wishon 959ol driver heads. The S2S graphite shafts are wishon 959ol light 64 wishon 959ol with mid ki Custom made with a several high quality shaft options: Why is it a non conforming Driver.

Wishon 959ol for prices and to order: Club lengths wishon 959ol similar to irons. This page was last updated: Again, zero roll flat from top to bottom face for more consistent launch angles. Only 1 set remains. Custom fitted with many shaft and grip options. Can wishon 959ol reammed to 0.

That was years ago, so maybe the attitudes have changed a bit between then and now. During the time we wishon 959ol that model, we did get a pretty fair number of comments and emails to that effect.

Wishon head cover included. CNC milled face delivers better off-center hit forgiveness. Designed to be used either as a driving iron or as an alternative for long iron replacement for golfers who prefer the wishon 959ol and look 959l an iron over a typical hybrid head design.

Offsets from 5mm wishon 959ol 3mm.