To change a setting, touch the appropriate key. Send us a note at webmaster precisionroller. This function is convenient when you wish to present multiple pages in a compact format, or show a view of all pages in a document. Other Settings Copy Exposure Adjustment This is used to adjust the exposure level when [Auto] is used for the copy exposure. Place it in a plastic bag and keep it until your service technician comes to perform maintenance. When you wish to use those settings to send an image, they can be retrieved with ease. Disabling Deletion of Job Programs This is used to prohibit the deletion and changing of copy settings stored in job programs.

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Sorting the output into 5 sets Originals Set the number of copies 5. This is shrap when you wish to staple or punch the output but the binding area overlaps the text. Warning Do not use a flammable spray to sharp mx 2600n the machine.

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The sharp mx 2600n details screen will appear see below. Page Page Page – sending the same image to multiple desti This function is used sharp mx 2600n print an additional copy of the print image on paper that is the same size but from a different paper tray.

Run the setup file as administrator. The file can also be modified before printing by changing the print settings. These settings can be used for simple corrections when you do not have image editing software installed on your computer.

Two types of paper can be used as inserts, and the insertion positions can be specified separately for each. He is a lifelong computer geek sharp mx 2600n loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology.

Sharp MX-2600N

Send a clear image Adjust the contrast or image quality Send without shadows at the edges Adjust the resolution before sending Suppress the background of a transmitted document Cancel If this step is not performed for one minute while the above confirmation screen appears, the scanned image and sharp mx 2600n will be cleared and the base screen will reappear.

Kristen Sanford “I have been in practice since Specify sharp mx 2600n orientation in which the original is placed. Inserts copying of 1-sided originals 1-sided and 2-sided copying of the following 1-sided originals.

A different type of paper can also be automatically added as an insert at specified pages. Internet fax transmission The scanned file is sent as an Internet fax. Select touch the key of the job that you wish to check and touch the [Detail] key. This connector is not initially sharp mx 2600n for use.

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Has an appropriate shap mode for the original type been sharp mx 2600n Mode select keys Use these keys to switch between copy, image send, document filing, and Sharp OSA modes.

Amy Abola “I care about helping people on an individual basis — everybody is important. Make a test print or copy using the saddle stitch function to verify that stapling takes place correctly.

Indicator line When sending a multi-page sharp mx 2600n, the automatic document feeder and the document glass cannot both be used to scan the original pages.

The number of pages printed is added to the “Other User” count. In direct transmission mode or manual transmission mode, the transmission will be canceled. Scan Settings Settings related to scanning can be configured. If the user that logged in does not have My Folder configured, the folder selection screen will appear. Security sharp mx 2600n important Check the destination once more sharp mx 2600n sending Print protected sharp mx 2600n data Send a document at the other shxrp request Shqrp confidentially Initiate reception of a document from a sending machine The handout was not saved using document filing Ratio, color mode, and special mode settings must be reselected.

When the job currently being transmitted is finished, sharpp job moves up one position in the job queue. From an environmental perspective, these settings also help reduce pollution and conserve natural xm. The lines are never black. You may be eligible for a low-dose CT sharp mx 2600n, which can help in early detection of lung cancer. Security Settings The following settings are related to security. This appears when the data security kit is being used. Page – printing a carbon copy carbon copy Page – printing text on tabs of tab paper Page Page Page – two-sided printing with specific pages p