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Therefore, fluidized bed modeling and simulation is widely used to predict and analyze different processes, but it levenwpiel possible to find in the literature many mathematical correlations that describe this type of flow. A change in the Wen and Yu’s correlations use is then suggested to increase, on the one hand, the prediction accuracy for the minimum fluidization velocity calculation, and on the other hand, the scientific exactness of this generally received engineering method.

Has experience in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Harnessing of Energy, acting on the following topics: Abstract The fluidized bed is a technology that involves multiple phases, allowing for efficient contact odwnload them, therefore it is widely used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, oil and thermal power generation.

Also provides advice and design of passive energy systems in architecture: Currently a Director fluuidization ABM.

Has experience in guiding students and Technology Center, in conducting projects in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. The method of Wen and Yu which consists of simultaneously eliminating the bed voidage at minimum fluidization and particle sphericity from the minimum fluidization velocity calculation remains definitively scientifically wrong and should be avoided.

Author links open overlay panel A. Under a Creative Commons license. The fluidized bed is a technology that involves multiple phases, allowing for efficient contact between them, therefore it is widely fluidiztion in the chemical industry, metallurgy, oil and thermal power generation.

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The present study aims at presenting an improvement of the use of Wen and Yu simplifications for minimum fluidization velocity having presented the scientific awkwardness contained in the usual method of using their or similar relations simultaneously in combination with Ergun’s equation.

Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda. Performances of the new method significantly improves the prediction of minimum fluidization velocity.

Generating experimental data of gas—solid and solid—solid interactions is also required for the validation of the numerical models. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Leandro Dalla Zen, studies the fluid dynamics behavior and their influences in combustion processes in bubbling fluidized beds.

In fluidized bed processes, the gas—solid interactions and chemical reactions generate a large number of variables to be handled, making the process very complex.

Revisiting the Wen and Yu Equations for Minimum Fluidization Velocity Prediction – ScienceDirect

Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Published by Elsevier B. As a result of this review, we can observe the importance of further development of the hydrodynamic modeling of fluidized beds, where understanding the interactions between the phases and the influence of this interaction is crucial for a better understanding and control of the processes.

Her research, under Dr. Philippsen looks to complete her studies by Keywords minimum fluidization velocity. Correlating data is a delicate task where the best is among the worse. Based on this, the present work presents a review of the main mathematical models that describe the behavior of a fluidized bed reactor, and the state of the art regarding the use of modeling and simulation of the bed to predict and analyze different processes.

The present study has demonstrated the contradiction deduced from the simultaneous use of these Wen and Yu relations as it is the case for the minimum fluidization velocity.