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The contents of the support DVD are subject to change at any time without notice. Enter text from picture: New digital cpu, igpu and dram power tuning optimize performance on z77 pages.

Turn OFF the computer and unplug the power cord. Do not overtighten the screws! Copyright C American Megatrends, Inc. Software support Installing an operating system The values range from 0. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Be cautious when changing the settings of the Ai Tweaker menu items.

Asus P8Z77-V LX User Manual

Doing so will damage the motherboard! The onboard hardware monitor automatically detects and displays the CPU, pp8z77, and power fan speed in rotations per minute RPM. Save and exit the file. Auto Tuning Auto Tuning Auto Tuning is an intelligent tool that overclocks your system to achieve a total system level up using TurboV. You cannot select an item that is not user-configurable. The system may become unstable or may not boot up if the power is inadequate.

Connect the chassis power LED cable to this connector. Advanced Mode For displaying the system temperature, power status, and changing the Monitor fan settings. Page 2 Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Enter the Network Name, and key in your password.


BIOS in the future. If you want to enable the BIOS The figure below shows an example of the Advanced Mode. Page Chapter 3: In the Computer Management window, click Disk Asuss, right click the shrinked new volume, and select Extend Volume. A configurable field is highlighted when selected.

This item should be enabled in order to enable the Enhanced Halt State. This easy OC tool allows you to overclock without exiting or rebooting the OS; and its user-friendly interface makes overclocking just a few clicks away.

The items shown in this screen may be different ;8z77 to the CPU you installed. Ultimate z77 platform with precise digital power design and superior graphics performance pages.

Side Speaker Out port gray. After you set a password, these items show Installed. Driver And Utilities Installation If Autorun is enabled in your downlooad, the driver installation automatically appears. The thermal conditions should be monitored. Ai Tweaker menu The Ai Tweaker menu items allow you to configure overclocking-related items. Multiple GPU technology support Select any of these preset overclocking configuration options: Enter text from picture: Page 22 from the Internet Click Connection Sharing field and select the network connections name.

Place six screws into the holes indicated by circles to secure the motherboard to the chassis. For more details, see mahual 2. Your next mini-itx z77 build with phase digital power design, home theater features and remote control functions over wi-fi pages.